As Nigeria faces great economic challenges which calls for innovative ideas,products and services across all sectors of the economy,it becomes interesting to see one Nigerian information Technology(IT) company who is already taking the lead in manufacturing of innovative IT hardwares for the African Market.The company is VNTS.

VNTS Company Limited is a Technology products and platforms company that provides bespoke innovative IT product and solutions.In 2015,VNTS launched the NetPremise Router and Extender into the Nigerian IT networking market. NetPremise is an all-in-one data traffic Wi-Fi Router, Access Point and Powerline Extender that utilizes existing electrical wiring in buildings to transmit data at high speeds of up to 200Mbps (Megabits Per Second), up to distance of 300 meters (straight line), and emits lossless data signals wirelessly or via Ethernet Ports located on the device. In using the existing electrical cabling throughout a building to transmit data, Users can significantly reduce extra expenses on cables and maintenance.This product has already won the Best Innovative IT product last November at the Nigeria Innovations Summit 2016 and has also given them a place at the African Innovation Academy.

R-L: Dr Mohammed Ndaliman , Mr. Henry Obinugwu of VNTS Company Limited received the Best Innovative IT Products (NetPremise) Award for VNTS at the Nigeria Innovation Summit 2016 at Sheraton Hotels Lagos, Ms. Lexi Novitske, Investment Officer Singularity Investments and staffs of VNTS Company Limited.

“NetPremise sprung from the need to find an easier, more affordable way to solve a building’s connectivity and coverage problems which include obstruction caused by walls built with bricks, not currently provided by the Internet Service Providers” said Henry Obinugwu; Founder, VNTS.He also stated that VNTS was founded by Nigerians to provide innovative products and services to Nigeria’s technology needs without having to always depend on foreign products that often come without in depth knowledge of the African terrain, support or with support at high cost. Continuing with a statement at a meet-up for the Hardware community in Lagos, Henry said, “With NetPremise,the User enjoys seamless data transfer, while maintaining the beauty and ambience of the home and work environment. More so, it promotes safety without cable clutter, breaking of walls or the need for re-wiring achieving a modern wireless look”. Several renowned organizations have applauded this innovation and VNTS counts some top hotels, corporate organizations and domestic consumers among its customers.

The Hardware industry is a capital intensive one especially in a country like Nigeria where it’s difficult to locally procure and manufacture IT hardware. The VNTS team however develops and prepares all its product specifications in-house after conducting meticulous field research from its target market both enterprise and consumer.

Its next device with LTE capabilities targeted at the Telecommunications companies and Enterprise consumers will be released in 2017. It has also added software platforms into its portfolio and will be launching it very soon.

VNTS’s long-term goals are to build a factory in Africa, stimulate interest in development of hardware projects from like-minded entrepreneurs, promote local content development in the academic sector and foster the growth of a sustainable hardware manufacturing ecosystem.

To learn more about them please visit or call  them  on (+234) 01-2900029 and (+234)01-2900070