Nigeria Innovation Summit 2017 will focus on Technology,Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Nigeria.The summit will hold on September 7-8,2017 at Sheraton Hotels,Ikeja lagos.

The Nigeria Innovation Summit is an annual event that focuses on the need for the country,businesses,organisations,entrepreneurs in Nigeria to become more innovative and apply innovation to drive sustainable development as we work together to bridge the digital divide.This summit helps Nigeria embrace innovation and move in the direction of digital transformation through the use of Emerging Technologies and Trends,Research,Development,Commercialization,Entrepreneurship and Investments as the key drivers of an innovation ecosystem.This is a platform that creates awareness on the need for Open Innovation in Nigeria.It challenges Nigeria to leverage Innovation and become more competitive in the global economy.

This is an initiative led by Emerging Media And Advertising Services,New York and Emerging Media Nigeria.We partner with the world’s leading innovation providers from academia,governmnent and industry to connect Nigerian businesses and Innovators to global innovation ecosystems.The key features of the Nigeria Innovation Summit are the Keynote presentations and Panel discussions from Industry Leaders, Government, Investors, leading companies,international organisations,Top Entrepreneurs,CEOs,Business leaders,Innovation Managers across the world and decision makers across the focus sectors.The Nigeria Innovation Awards is another feature of the summit which recognize and promote companies, organisations, institutions, innovators that have embraced innovation across different sectors of Nigeria economy.

The Theme for the 2017 Innovation summit is-


Date:7-8 SEPTEMBER,2017


The Keynotes and Panel Discussions for the Two Days will focus on:

-How to transform the challenging economy in Nigeria through Technology,Innovation and Entrepreneurship
-How can Nigeria build a sustainable innovation Ecosytem and become Innovative
-Exploring the concept of Open Innovation.
-Innovation in Telecommunications,Infrastructure development and the Mobile Ecosystem.
-Innovation in the Manufacturing industry
-Innovation through Emerging Technologies;Big Data,Data centers,Cloud Computing,IoT,Wearable technologies,Cybersecurity,Robotics and VR
-Innovation in Power and Renewable Energy
-Innovation in Agriculture
-Innovation in Banking,Finance,Funding and Investment
-Innovation in the e-Commerce industry
-Innovation in Small businesses,Startups,Entrepreneurship Community
-Innovation and the Academic Community
-Innovation in Public Health and the Health Industry
-Innovation in Media,Public Relations,Social Good and the Entertainment Industry

About 400 top decision makers across the sectors will attend this year’s summit.

The delegates will include:

-Government Agencies and Representatives
-International organisations
-Business Leaders
-Top companies,organisations and Industries
-Decision makers

The sectors will include:
-Telecommunications,Infrastructure development and the Mobile Industry
-Manufacturing industry
-Emerging technologies like Big Data and Data centers,Cloud Computing,Internet of Things and Wearable technologies
-Power and Energy
-Banking,finance and investment
-Small and Medium scale businesses
-Media,PR and Entertainment

Our goal is that we come together across industries and sectors, learn from outside perspectives and engage,connect to develop strategies that work for our country through Technology,Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

The 2017 Nigeria Innovation Summit offers great opportunity through Sponsorship,Partnership, Exhibitions of Innovative products,ideas,applications and services.Another key opportunity of the Nigeria Innovation Summit is the Nigeria Innovation Awards which recognizes companies, organisations, institutions,innovators that have embraced innovation across the sectors.

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