Jack Ma the  CEO/Founder  of Alibaba Announces 4 Projects To Support African Youths Youth connekt summit in Kigali, Rwanda.

The billionaire arrived with a delegation aboard three planes that landed at Kigali international airport to attend the summit also attended by Rwanda President Paul Kagame.

Under project number one – Jack Ma has invited 200 African young entrepreneurs to work at Alibaba headquarters with the aim of gaining experience in fields including; e-commerce, Artificial intelligence and Internet.

“They will come back to Africa to develop their business and help others grow their businesses,” Jack said.

The Second Project – the Chinese billionaire said Alibaba will work with Universities in Africa and governments to train specific courses including; Internet, Artificial intelligence, and e-commerce.

Jack Ma announced a third Project which he said is in partnership between Alibaba and Paradise Foundation of china – this project will deal with promoting and supporting Environmental conservation efforts in Africa especially protecting elephants and other precious animals.

Read the details here: http://ktpress.rw/2017/07/alibaba-ceo-jack-ma-announces-4-big-projects-at-youth-connekt-summit/