We Support African Entrepreneurs and Innovators

Africa has a lot of great potentials that need to be harnessed, and small businesses and startups hold that key. Innovation and entrepreneurship are boundless tools to help Africa build a sustainable future.

African Innovation Academy is an innovation incubator and accelerator for African small businesses and startups. We support startups, small businesses, and innovators in Africa, and help them to implement disruptive ideas through innovation.

We enroll startups into our Innovation and Entrepreneurship Programmes, and have them trained by world class experts. And depending on the nature of their business, we connect them to relevant innovation ecosystems within and around the world, help them build a global brand, and also provide support through their growth.

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We support African entrepreneurs and innovators and promote African Innovations through the following:

Training Online and Offline Programmes and Workshops

Innovation Management

International Opportunities

Research and Development through Open Innovation

Investment Opportunities

Networking Opportunities

Business Consulting Services

Access to Mentors

Small Businesses & Startups

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We partner with academic institutions, top innovation companies and organisations around the world to support small businesses and startups at different stages of their growth through:

-Hands-On Training Programmes


-Mentorship Programmes

-Innovation Management


-Innovation Challenges

-Research and Development through Open Innovation

-International Opportunities

-Investment & Advisory

We offer the following to startups:

-Training, workshop, and seminars

-Online courses

-Mentorship Programmes

Offline Courses and Programmes (for Startups and Entrepreneurs)

Basic Course

Advance Course

Executive Course

Coaching Programmes


Education Programmes

education and training

How We Work

Innovation Management

Innovation Management

We help startups and small businesses in Africa to embrace Open Innovation, and ensure they implement disruptive ideas and apply innovation through Open Innovation Challenges.

Through Open Innovation Challenges, we encourage these businesses to leverage both their internal and external strengths and opportunities to grow. This provides them with the opportunity to connect, share, create and find expertise they may need to scale.



One of the challenges of startups and small businesses in Africa is lack of funds to grow those ideas and businesses. Having seen the need for African businesses and startups to attract funds to work with, we introduce startups and small businesses on our network to some of our partners who may be willing to invest in them.

Global Opportunities

Global Opportunities

We work with innovation ecosystems around the world to bring investment, market, collaborations and other opportunities to African entrepreneurs and innovators. We bring them opportunities from USA, Europe, Israel, and other African countries.



We offer corporate organisations in Africa training Programmes on how to use Open Innovation to help deliver tangible solutions to real business challenges, thereby fostering collaborations and partnerships. We provide these organisations holistic approach to internal and external innovation management in their organisations.



We work with investors  who are interested in investing in African startups and small businesses through seed funding. We make necessary introductions and connections.

If you would like to invest in African businesses email us at [email protected]



We partner with innovation ecosystems around the world to bring investment, collaborations, markets, and other opportunities to African entrepreneurs and innovators.

We work with partners from all over the world from academia, industry, and government, to support African entrepreneurs and innovators.

To partner with us contact [email protected].

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